Dust Mites – Tiny Terrors that Could be Making you Sick

They’re tiny, they’re found everywhere humans live, and if you’re an allergy sufferer, they could be making your life miserable.

Dust mites are microscopic, eight legged arthropods that live on the flakes of dead skin, also known as body ash, and pet dander found in every home where people and pets live. Dust mites don’t bite and they don’t live on humans or animals, but their tiny droppings contain chemicals that many people are allergic to.

Dust mite feces get mixed in with the other dust in your home and when it’s inhaled, susceptible people can have sometimes severe allergic reactions.

While it’s impossible to eliminate dust mites and their feces from your home, you can keep their numbers in check. Dust mites are very common in mattresses and bedding. They love a warm, moist environment like a mattress or pillow. Over time, your mattress actually gets heavier thanks in part to the dust mites living in it and their feces.

While it’s not practical to replace your mattress every few months, you should wash your bedding, including quilts and bedspreads regularly. Vacuumingwith a HEPA filter can also help keep dust mites and the allergens they produce under control. If someone in your home is severely allergic to dust mites, it might even be necessary to replace all of the carpeting with hardwood or similar flooring.

The heating ducts in your home provide an excellent living environment for dust mites. They’re warm, and there’s plenty of food that’s always being replenished, especially if your ducts are dirty. When the furnace or a/c comes on, dust from dust mite excrement can be circulated throughout your home in a never ending cycle. While having your ducts cleaned regularly will not eliminate dust mites from your home, it could help to reduce the amount of dust mite excrement in the air.

If you’re concerned that your heating system is circulating dust, dust mite excrement, and other allergens around your home, give Kettle Valley Duct Cleaners a call. We’ll inspect your ducts, furnace, and if necessary, give them a thorough cleaning.

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